This music video for Harare Is ‘A visual tone poem…. a digital meditation on the idea of migration, through space & time, from Womb To Tomb.’ We developed a visual journey evoking multiple meanings through an organic process of discussion and experimentation. Director and band frontman Mpumelelo Mcata guided the vision with mindblowing ideas, symbols, and trusting freedom. The clip stars worldrenowned fine artist Nandipha Mntambo and rising international Lesotho-born
musician, shepherd & Famo singer Morena Leraba.

Directed by Mpumelelo Mcata
Produced by End Street Africa & Post Post Productions
Post Production + VFX + Colour By Tom Glenn, Domantsi Productions
April 2021

DJ BUDGET featuring Boss Lady & Master Dee - Imnandi Imali Yegweja

DJ Budget AKA is a real renaissance man – a composer, singer, actor and choral master. He has performed Opera in Europe and abroad, bringing a rich melodic texture to his music.

Directed & Produced by Sandile Ntobela
Produced by Sandile Ntobela
Camera and Postproduction by Inno Madanda of Easy Visualz
November 2018

KATHY TAGG & ANDRE PETERSEN - 'Angola' by Bheki Mseleku.

Two of South Africa’s leading international-level pianists, Kathleen Tagg and Andre Petersen, performed South African jazz pieces as never before: a duo on grand pianos!

It was an honour to help promote the show for a US tour and album,and to help preserve the legacy of Andre Petersen who sadly passed on in July 2021.

Directed & Edited by Tom Glenn
Produced by Ronan Skillen & Maya Morgan-Skillen
Camerawork by James Rose-mathew, Julian Emdon, Tom Glenn
October 2018

XHOSATRIBE ft. Whosane - A Mile in my Shoes

A global collaboration on the streets of Cape Town between a talented duo from South Africa’s Eastern Cape and Whosane of Brooklyn, New York.

Xhosatribe deliver ‘a hardcore rooted form of Hiphop that focuses on proper articulation of the Xhosa Language, inspired by the Xhosa warrior-poets of the 18th century. The group’s purpose is to preserve Xhosa tradition through the performing arts, educate younger generations and inspire self-worth and selfawareness.’

Directed & Produced by Sandile Ntobela
Camera & Edit by Toisen Marirangombe
March 2018

BLK JKS & ALEKESAM featuring SelemaWrites - The Boy’s Doin’ It

A tribute to the iconic Bra Hugh Masekela, recorded spontaneously during the memorials following his passing in January 2018. This cover of Hugh’s 1975 classic is performed by the BLK JKS who were deeply influenced by his mentorship, featuring Hugh’s son Sal Masekela (aka ALEKESAM) on vocals and rap verses by his nephew Selema.

The song is a powerful and dynamic expression of love and legacy.

Shot by Brett Rubin
Audio Engineered by Leroy Croft at Jazzworx
Edit, Colour & FX by Tom Glenn at Domantsi Productions
February 2018

T Fortune - uSanyeberwe

A uniquely African sound with a flare of rhythm & blues flavour; a love song to inspire and warn couples to stay faithful to their partners.

Directed & Produced by Sandile Ntobela
Camera & Edit by Toisen Marirangombe
June 2017


King Stabber is wildly-talented MC and musician originally from Soweto. He has a gift for writing great music as well as rhymes in a variety of styles.

The video showcases his unique freestyle with a raw, un-edited, single-take shot inside the recording studio.

Directed by Sandile Ntobela
Produced by Sandile Ntobela & Vito
Camera by Chamelle Opperman
Postproduction by Tom Glenn
December 2016

David Leadbetter & Ronan Skillen as DEEP SOUTH - HARBOUR

Musical veterans Dave Ledbetter on guitar and Ronan Skillen on percussion are joined by bassist Shaun Johannes for a live performance video single from their acclaimed album ‘Heartland’.

Directed & Edited by Tom Glenn
Produced by Ronan Skillen & Maya Morgan-Skillen
Camera by James Rose-mathew, Maya Morgan-Skillen
October 2015

NEOLEKTRA – Immortals

Immortals is the first single from the debut album ‘Birth of a Heroine’ by Neolektra – a cyber-age ensemble by violinist & composer Naomi Tagg. The title refers to ancient instruments as the true immortals, played as they are handed down through generations.

Edit & VFX & Colour by Tom Glenn
Mar 2015

O OMAVALA - Sekufikile uKufa Lova

Oomavala entertained the kasi in the early 2000s with this upbeat kwaito track that also carried a conscious message for the youth:
‘If you are a gangster, you are walking towards your grave before your time.’

Directed by Sandile Ntobela
Produced by Sandile Ntobela and Tom Glenn
Camera & Postprouction by Tom Glenn
February 2006

SUKUMUKHANYE - Uligweba lethu Thixo

The ensemble of gifted choral musicians of the Marko Gospel Group give this song ‘You are my shield, my Lord’ their joyful all, heart and soul.

Directed by Sandile Ntobela
Produced by Sandile Ntobela and Tom Glenn
Camera and Edit by Tom Glenn

ABOSH - Spaza

A dozens-style rap battle, where Abosh’s disses of whack MCs fly hard and fast! Abosh’s great writing wit and legacy is cherished by those who had the honor of knowing and working with him.

May your soul rest in peace Abosh.

Directed by Sandile Ntobela
Produced by Sandile Ntobela & Tom Glenn
Camera by Bruce Boyd & Tom Glenn
Postproduction by Tom Glenn
March 2005

ABOSH - Kwenzeka Ntoni

Abongile Kroza AKA Abosh expressed his love for Hip Hop as a trailblazer by rapping in his home language of isiXhosa. While he inspired others with his extraordinary talent and effortless delivery, his lyrics weave a story of kasi life – seeking out his brother who has disappeared on a drunken bender.

This project was our first collaboration as filmmakers; a thrilling and rewarding shoot on the welcoming streets of Abosh’s hood in Khayelitsha.

Director: Sandile Ntobela
Producers: Sandile Ntobela, Tom Glenn
DOP: Ric Shields, Bruce Boyd
Colour: Ric Shields
Editor: Tom Glenn
November 2004

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