Verdine Wolf Daniels

Verdine designed this site, so you know we trust him.
He’s also a veteran pro photographer, graphic designer, animator, self-publishing magazine editor and entrepreneur (of KULTUR and other international magazines), great friend and comrade.

James Rose-mathew

Jimmy is a human of many talents and skills; he wields a handheld camera like a ninja, lights like a baroque painter, AND performs and records gorgeous music in a variety of bands and as solo experimental act Nonentia.

Julian Emdon

Julian is a fearless, reassuring, creative and funny presence on any set.
He’s an accomplished filmmaker and musician himself, with a solid and resourceful company, and a very funny and popular personal youtube channel.

Brett Rubin

Brett is renowned for shooting the finest portraits in South Africa (he did ours), international and local fashion, and his own fine art. He somehow manages to tell great stories with still images as well as moving ones; he directed and shot the music videos for Soul Rebel (Hugh Masekela) and The Boy’s Doin It (BLK JKS).

John Bartmann

John makes and produces a massively diverse range of music, to get people dancing as well as to score films and video. He’s also a fount of great advice on copyright, promotion, and digital presence.

Maxim Starcke

Maxim is an accoladed composer, live performer, dear friend, and teacher of music. We’re very excited to have him score some of our upcoming work.

Zootee Studios

The awesome ladies at Zootee have the best tools, toys, prices, and attitude. If you’re an independent filmmaker in Cape Town and haven’t checked them out, you should fix that right away!

Dancing Hands

David is a wizard – literally.  He creates wands, staffs, jewelry, swords, props and much more out of solid crystal, stone, leather, wood, bone and boundless talent.
We’ve been privileged to shoot his unique, world-class art for a commercial as well as in our own projects.

David 'King Stabber' Mohale

Making several videos for Stabber’s fresh, potent, straight-shooting music and larger-than-life presence has been an honour and a wild-ass party. 
We couldn’t have imagined a better track than his ‘Namba Namba’ for our first showreel!

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