Real Life Suicide

Crime Drama Feature Film

An orphaned teenage boy becomes caught in the center of an explosive conflict in a coastal Eastern Cape town as he is forced to choose loyalty between two father figures and ways of life – a doctor rebuilding a theatre school, and a gang lord desperate for a son to groom as his heir.

Real Life Suicide began as a skills development workshop in Jeffrey’s Bay. The strong potential of the trainee cast and crew and the enthusiastic support from the area’s communities shone through in the results, and we immediately began to develop the project into a feature film.

We aim to initiate similar training-and-production programs around South Africa, to aid in skills development and jobs creation.

Directed by: Sandile Ntobela
Produced by: Sandile Ntobela, Denzil Booysen, Tom Glenn and Juden Patrick Botha.
Postproduction: Tom Glenn

Dirty Reason

(Broadcast feature film) – A gritty township crime drama, exploring how corruption and crime affects the relationships of the people involved and their entire community.

Here Be Lions

(Trailer and proof-of-concept) A dialogue-free, action-centered short set in a fantasy future, questioning the ideal of violent heroism. The project is also a showcase for entirely locally-produced and developed armor, weapons, wardrobe, props, music, world-level stunt skills and authentic traditional swordplay and martial arts.

Beads of Blood and Sweat

(Documentary drama feature film) An adventure following a filmmaking crew who join a diverse group to witness the final initiatory trials and graduation of a woman from the United Kingdom as a traditional healer in the jungles and beaches of Pondoland.

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