We share over forty years of film, television, media and event production experience, and six shared years working together as partners.

We met over a short, friendly, excited coffee-break while working at the Refinery post facility in 2004.
That was enough to know that we wanted to hang out, work and play together. A few weeks later we were shooting a music video guerrilla-style for shining local talent ABOSH with a small crew, enthusiasm and dozens of friendly neighbourhood folks as extras in Khayelitsha.

The exceptional experience and results told us what we needed to know; we needed to pursue this further. Other videos soon followed.

We joined and worked as partners in a small brand-new production company from 2005 to 2007.
It was a great environment for learning about developing and completing projects end-to-end as an integrated workflow and team, the administration and management of employees, client liaison, and the workings of the broadcast industry.

After years of pursuing freelance careers and developing wider skillsets, in 2017 we decided to realise our shared dream of creating and managing our own projects together within our own company.

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